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Coaching Program! [ Thursday 15th
December 2005 .. 11:32pm


Hi all. I am a student in the Competitive Gymnastics Coaching Program at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. If you are interested in coaching at an advanced level, this is the program for you.

This is a great program. Students get to work with elite level athletes and learn from Olympic team coaches.

Interested? Click here!
Applications are now being accepted for September 2006.

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[ Sunday 17th
July 2005 .. 1:38am


omg i just made one of the hardest decisions in my life, i quit gym. this was on tuesday that i did that. It was just becoming too much of something i didnt want to do, i was getting way to injured, and i didnt feel like i fit in in our gym. i hope i will be happy with this decision, i am a little scared about if it was the right thing to do. I dunno. It gives me more time, which is good, i am still doing dance and cheer tho. and now i coach at the gym, i coach little rec. girls. they are cute. Aliesa told me that if i ever wanted to come back i could, and if i wanted to come in and tumble i could. She is awesome. I already kinda miss gym, i had a dream about it last night. it was weird it had to do with swimming in the ocean mostly. But anyways, bye
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[ Friday 22nd
April 2005 .. 11:46pm


[ mood | worried ]

wow this community is really dead

lets "live" it up..shall we??

i need advice on gettin over a mental block for doing my aerials on the high beam without a spot...

my states are comin up soon.... ick!

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[ Tuesday 19th
April 2005 .. 7:08pm

level:well if i was in gymnastics (which i will b next year lol) i would b a 6ish
gym: umm next year...Thompsons Gymnastics
fav skill: roundoff bhs backlayout stepout....or punch front tuck
fav gymnast: ermmm yea its cliche but carly patterson
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the joy of floor music [ Monday 31st
January 2005 .. 8:56pm

[ mood | amused ]

I found the most awesome floor music!lol well my friends dad is a piano player for my singng group and we are doing this jewish song. and well the piano music has a wicked good beat to it for floor and its awesome and now hes going to record it for me and get clarinet for it too. Its slow at the beginning then gets wicked fast and the slow then fast to the end. Im going to do a little jewish dance in it.lol. funfun. i cant wait to start my new routine now with this music!

I had my second meet yesterday..didnt do so good. ughh 29.6.. i was really hurting yesterday but hey no big deal.

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[ Friday 14th
January 2005 .. 12:04am


k glad i got my first meet over! and now i am very excited for pikes peak! okay well here is how i did. and the night before the meet my coaches told me i wasn't doing vault and floor becuz my ankle was real bad and so were my arms, but when we were warming up they were like ya, T go warm up vault and floor!?what the hell?but it was all good.

Vault: a flipping 8.575 - get this i landed on my butt both vaults, haha, but becuz it has a 9.8 start vault i get high scores no matter what. okay my vault is a yurchenko phelphs, in english, roundoff bhs half off front flip. its cool.

Bars: 8.5 - i fell :( poop. i didn't catch my low to high thingy, damn, but i caught it in warm up so that was exciting. but yea i would have gotten a 9.0 if i didn't fall, plus my start vault was a 9.6, ha. but i stuck my double! yay.

Beam: 7.7, psh wow. i felt really good on beam but i guess not,lol. i fell three times, and totaly bombed my mount but stayed on. without the falls, i would have gotten a 9.2 k, and they took my bonus away from my wolf full becuz i fell on it so thats a 9.4, and if i didn't mess up my mount,cuz i alway hit it inworkout, i would of gotten a 9.7, f'n i would of got first, damn. but thats okay at least i know i can fix those things there not like technical, just falls! so yea that was a nice score considering what i would of got.

Floor: 9.025 - no big mistakes, the only thing i messed up was my wolf 1 1/2. so 3 tenths there. and my tumbling was awsome, so i fell good, but it wassad cuz i didn't get to put my double in my routine,o well next time.

AA: 33.85 - for the first meet, thats hot. lol, yep lets see how pikes peak goes!

luv ya ~~~~~> tbone
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[ Wednesday 12th
January 2005 .. 10:33pm


[ mood | accomplished ]

hey u guys....y isnt n e 1 posting in here anymore?....we cant let this community just be dead!!!!

n e ways...i actually got my aerial on the high beam with only one mat!!!! yess!! i had a spot..but hopefully i wont need one by my first meet....its in 3 days!! i am soo nervoussssss

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[ Thursday 30th
December 2004 .. 3:04pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey it gabby . my old screen name was Backflipgymnast but i am having difficulties with it cuz i cant get onto that name so i made a new one. just letting you all know. u can add me to your friends lists and ill add you back

Happy holidays

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[ Tuesday 28th
December 2004 .. 9:18pm


[ mood | crappy ]

7 more practice till my first meet ::tears::

gym today was horrible...ahh
....terrie told me to go to trampoline so that i could work on my fulls..i did a couple good ones..but here were bad ones here and there..and i dont like jumping high on the tramp....so terrie is like.."jump higher..i dont kno whjy the hell u r afraid to do that...jeeze..ur such a baby.." blah blah blah.....i was soo mad after that...so yea..i started to jump higher..and they inproved a little bit..so yea...but then i was so tired by the time i got to floor..everyone was already doin floor routines and crap..so i was tired..i only did a round off backlhandspirng and i was tired..it was horrible..adn then i went to go do a tuck and i stopped on my round off..which is reallllyy bad..i hope i dont get a mental block or n e thing..then i decided to do front tumbling....uh ohhhh....i was doin a front tuck step out round off in....terrie was like "ooo!!! are you okay...???" i was like yea im fine..cause it didnt hurt..then i arabian...but in my front tuck i had too much power....and i landed with my knee straight and it curved sat down and i got a shooting pain in my knee..terrie got me ice.....i was soo mad...i hate sitting out and watching everyone else work besides me..sumtimes i do enjoy it...but this time i didnt...it sucked really bad..knowin that i have a compeition in 3 weeks..and that means about 7 more practices (1 more this week, and then next week, and 3 the week after that..) but i think im gonna be comin on an extra day..just incase...but n e ways..i just sat there and iced...i thought i was gonna burst...
then we went to break..i put heat on my leg cvause terrie wants me to ice and then heat and then ice and then heat..so yea

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[ Monday 27th
December 2004 .. 10:01pm


[ mood | hot ]

this really sux...i only have 3 more weeks unil my forst meet...im not ready at all....i have nothing..i dont have my aerials with only one mat on beam, i dont have my tsuks on vault, i dont have my full on floor....i lost it..and i dont kno where its hiding....but i need to find it...RIGHT NOW...and i dont have a good bar routine cause i dont have a dismount and my handstands suck...ahh...i hate this..i need a miracle...

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I'm New... [ Monday 27th
December 2004 .. 12:58pm


[ mood | Chipper!!I feel like singing!! ]

Hey Everyone!! I'm new!!

level:I compete for my high school now but I used to be a level 10
gym:Used to be Set-10
fav skill: ....idk I like bars tho haha
fav gymnast:Carly Patterson, Shannon Miller, Tasha Sweikhart, Sean Townsend, Blaine Wilson...etc!

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[ Friday 24th
December 2004 .. 11:56am


[ mood | annoyed ]

last weekend we had a practice meet at our gym. i had pulled my hamstring a week or 2 earlier. it wasnt completly healed yet and i didnt think it was the best idea to compete. but my coach didnt believe me that it still hurt so i still competed. we only had to compete beam and floor. on beam everything was ok until i had to do my scale and i dont know why but killed my leg. i finished my routine and i got a 7.0. thats not bad concidering i was hurt. but after my routine i was in tears because it hurt so much.

then on floor everything i did killed. in practice i never did my slip in my routine for the past couple of weeks cuz it hurt so much, but in the meet i pushed myself down and it killed. in my front handspring, the landing broke me.. my friend missy told me it looked like it hurt. and it did. in my first leap i slip as far as i could and it killed me. then it my second one i didnt go as high. then in my round off backhandspring,backhandspring... my leg killed in the roundoff and my backhand springs were good except my legs were apart. i got a 7.8. again its ok for being injured. i was limping the whole time after the meet and my coach didnt even realise i was hurt and she saw me like massaging my leg trying to make it stop hurting then i had to the take this whole week off from practice to let it heal.. i hate injuries

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[ Wednesday 22nd
December 2004 .. 6:22am


hey..in school for the gymnastics team we are making a memory book because its the first year of this high school..and the hs is only freshmen and we competed varsity...so we decided to make a memory book with pictures and all our scores and stuff..but i was wondering if anyone knew anywhere that i couldget quotes or poems..or if u have any quotes and poems can you post them..i have 2 of them but i need more ..
thank s in advance :)

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[ Tuesday 21st
December 2004 .. 4:45pm


[ mood | accomplished ]

name: Caitlyn AKA Cait

age: 14

sex: girll

level: umm well im on JOGA...its exactly like the USAG, but i only compete where i live..in new jersey...there are three levels, starting wit the lowest: C, B, and A...im on the A team..so i guess thats pretty good...the people on the A team are pretty much as good as the level 8, 9 and 10's...

gym: Cherry Hill Gymnastics Academy

fav skill: arabian on floor, straddle cuts on bars, piked tsuks into the pit, handstand piourwets (i can do a lot in a row, my highest was...19 i think), and i like doin side handstands on beam and then i do a planche where my butt is almost touching my back..so im like bent in half...lol

fav gymnast: i have a lot...courtney mccool, shannon miller, & courtney kupets

umm i guess we talk about gymn and stuff right?

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[ Sunday 19th
December 2004 .. 12:58am


[ mood | chipper ]

fav skill:back handsprings/ back tucks
fav gymnast:Carly Patterson

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[ Saturday 18th
December 2004 .. 6:17pm


Right now I'm watching BYU vs Oregon or Utah or something. It's from 2000 so I don't know why its on tv, but it is. It is DRIVING ME NUTS. The girls vaults are VERY simple, like handspring front tuck and they're falling. This one girl did that vault with a start of 9.8 and fell and got A 9.5! The scoring is making me crazy. Oh and it reminded me of how much I very much miss the old vault.
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[ Friday 17th
December 2004 .. 2:55pm


hey im new :)

level: just on the high school team..
gym: Extreme Gym..possily going back to twisters
fav skill:Back tuck
fav gymnast: Carly Patterson
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[ Wednesday 15th
December 2004 .. 6:49pm


name: Jenna
age: 15
sex: Female
level: 8
gym: Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA
fav skill: Full and a half
fav gymnast: Carly Patterson

Friends are lovely!! <33Jenna
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[ Tuesday 14th
December 2004 .. 12:06am


does any one have arm splints here?
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cool stuff [ Monday 13th
December 2004 .. 7:02pm


[ mood | ecstatic ]

yesterday i went to the conair cellebration of gold gymnastics show.It was at the mohegab sun. carly patterson, hollie vice, Shannon miller, paul and morgan hamm, sean townel and todd something or other were their doing these cool dance routines. also venessa carlton was there singing and so was chris isic. it was such a cool show and after i got to get hollie vices autograoh. i got a picture with sean townel and his autograph then i met carly patterson and got a picture of her and her autograph. it was so awesome. they did these cool routines and it was just so much fun! They are turning this into a TV special and it will be on tv on sunday december 19th on fox at 4:30 pm eatern time. It was really cool so i hope soe of you can tune in!


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