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name: Caitlyn AKA Cait

age: 14

sex: girll

level: umm well im on JOGA...its exactly like the USAG, but i only compete where i new jersey...there are three levels, starting wit the lowest: C, B, and on the A i guess thats pretty good...the people on the A team are pretty much as good as the level 8, 9 and 10's...

gym: Cherry Hill Gymnastics Academy

fav skill: arabian on floor, straddle cuts on bars, piked tsuks into the pit, handstand piourwets (i can do a lot in a row, my highest was...19 i think), and i like doin side handstands on beam and then i do a planche where my butt is almost touching my im like bent in

fav gymnast: i have a lot...courtney mccool, shannon miller, & courtney kupets

umm i guess we talk about gymn and stuff right?
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