Cheerchic102 (cheerchic102) wrote in the_chalk_box,

omg i just made one of the hardest decisions in my life, i quit gym. this was on tuesday that i did that. It was just becoming too much of something i didnt want to do, i was getting way to injured, and i didnt feel like i fit in in our gym. i hope i will be happy with this decision, i am a little scared about if it was the right thing to do. I dunno. It gives me more time, which is good, i am still doing dance and cheer tho. and now i coach at the gym, i coach little rec. girls. they are cute. Aliesa told me that if i ever wanted to come back i could, and if i wanted to come in and tumble i could. She is awesome. I already kinda miss gym, i had a dream about it last night. it was weird it had to do with swimming in the ocean mostly. But anyways, bye
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