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k glad i got my first meet over! and now i am very excited for pikes peak! okay well here is how i did. and the night before the meet my coaches told me i wasn't doing vault and floor becuz my ankle was real bad and so were my arms, but when we were warming up they were like ya, T go warm up vault and floor!?what the hell?but it was all good.

Vault: a flipping 8.575 - get this i landed on my butt both vaults, haha, but becuz it has a 9.8 start vault i get high scores no matter what. okay my vault is a yurchenko phelphs, in english, roundoff bhs half off front flip. its cool.

Bars: 8.5 - i fell :( poop. i didn't catch my low to high thingy, damn, but i caught it in warm up so that was exciting. but yea i would have gotten a 9.0 if i didn't fall, plus my start vault was a 9.6, ha. but i stuck my double! yay.

Beam: 7.7, psh wow. i felt really good on beam but i guess not,lol. i fell three times, and totaly bombed my mount but stayed on. without the falls, i would have gotten a 9.2 k, and they took my bonus away from my wolf full becuz i fell on it so thats a 9.4, and if i didn't mess up my mount,cuz i alway hit it inworkout, i would of gotten a 9.7, f'n i would of got first, damn. but thats okay at least i know i can fix those things there not like technical, just falls! so yea that was a nice score considering what i would of got.

Floor: 9.025 - no big mistakes, the only thing i messed up was my wolf 1 1/2. so 3 tenths there. and my tumbling was awsome, so i fell good, but it wassad cuz i didn't get to put my double in my routine,o well next time.

AA: 33.85 - for the first meet, thats hot. lol, yep lets see how pikes peak goes!

luv ya ~~~~~> tbone
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